All sorts of courses for all sorts of people.
Industry Training Solutions

Giving young people the opportunity to learn skills that provide them a foothold into the industry.

Obvious wanted to celebrate the success of ITS, winner of ITENZ 2016.

This is an organisation that looks after all sorts of people, including some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable learners: people who have struggled with traditional education, or are disadvantaged by their physical abilities.

ITS provides a leg-up into the workforce by making students more employable.

Playing off the wordplay of ITS and IT’S enables the dynamic and diverse definition statements of the what Industry Training Solutions do. It is the building blocks of the brand vocabulary providing fluidity to the brand application, across any channel. ITS learning. ITS exciting.

The logo needed to address the use of the comma for these statements. We achieved this through the inclusion of a dot above the T that also communicates that people are at the heart of this organisation.

Make it obvious.
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